Extra project: Lipton Ad

Description: As you can see from youtube, my name wasn’t mentioned in any place. This is because my really good friend wanted to take all the credit. Although i was the one who made an effort to do the whole thing, the only thing he did was upload it on youtube and name it after him. “I” was the one who made it AND took the pictures to make the video. I wanted to do a simple advertisment this is why it is only for 20 seconds, hope you enjoy it =)


Tree of Life

Description: My final Drawing1 project, this i won’t describe. Every person will interpret it in his own way =)

Thi$ is Beirut

Description: A simple and meaningful graffiti, the letter “s” in “This” is replaced with the dollar sign “$”. This shows how money is in control of people in lebanon. Lebanese people are well known for showing off, it’s sad but true.

PS: most of the graffitis in the streets in Lebanon are related to major subjects which are: sex, religion, and politics

Graffiti: Cross & Crescent

Description: One of the graffitis one of the streets in Beirut. What’s interesting about it is that the first letter which is made of a cross and a crescent, represent the 2 major religions in lebanon: christianity and islam. the word is obviously beirut.


Description: After practicing on vanishing point over and over and over and over by drawing boxes, shapes, buildings etc etc etc. We had to pick a landscape, the thing i liked most about mine is the building made of bricks. Through that building is a metro passage, the railway crosses the street which is why i included two trafficlights. (Honestly, this is the only drawing i felt i deserved a higher grade than the one i was given since it was also the one that i put most effort in.)

Multifaceted Cube


Description: Our assignment was to do a cube simliar to the one in the picture. We had to draw a cube and erase some faces, then shade with 3 different values. Sadly =( my cube drawing got lost in class, probably someone took it by mistake.


Description: Boxes that we had to draw in class, the drawing isn’t clear because i used an HB pencil. The boxes were also done according to real life scale, and a vanishing point.